3D Printing

My husband just introduced me to 3D printing and I am flabbergasted. This type of technology can print three dimensional models in your home with exceptional accuracy. You have to see this to believe it.

3D printing show London 2012

The conversation is that this may reinvent the way the we manufacture objects. I foresee this as a way to reduce material waste. It would be nice to only have that which we need manufactured and be able to recycle it into something else when we are done with it. Some believe that vehicles and houses may one day be created from this type of device.

What are your thoughts on this?


An Alternative to Powerpoint

In looking for new FREE apps to download into my iPad2 for use on my classroom, I stumbled upon Prezi.  I use custom made powerpoints or download pre made SMART board lessons from Promethean Planet or SMART to use for classroom instruction or as a SMART board station for students to work at independently as they finish classwork or to re-emphasize important concepts.  Today’s student needs more than just a talking head in front of them, they need engagement and inspiration.  How does a teacher compete with the “outside” world of advertising?  ANSWER: Go to the “outside” world and use what the advertisers are using.

Prezi.com makes powerpoints a thing of the past.  This is an alternative to presenting information to a group of people, not just for classroom use, with a dynamic perspective.  With a choice of different templates and styles, presentations can take on a new meaning by focusing on what’s important by making use of it’s unique zoom in/zoom out feature.  In working with the program on my iPad I discovered that it is even easier to use on a computer. The features are beautiful, with an array of styles available and the ability to reuse templates from other users.  The site, prezi.com , requires a signup and offers three levels of monthly pricing with the cheapest being FREE.

I encourage anyone that creates presentations to visit the site and explore the possibilities.  The WOW effect is pretty much a guarantee with this communication tool that can be shared and simultaneously be used from across the world.  Give it a try and look for the “Free Fall Template” found under “All Public Prezis”.

Facial Recognition Technology

facial recognition blog

This is an blog I found, that raised the question about facial recognition technology that Facebook is using and its purpose in the world. It is written by a lawyer and she brings up some interesting topics that she and her husband discussed regarding this new tracking device.
Will the US follow Europe’s lead?
How do you feel about Facebook’s policies and the way they do business?

Educational Apps

Educational Apps 

Click on the above link to watch a brief introductory video.

All of the apps featured can be downloaded for free from the app store on iTunes.

The video was created on Animoto, a free web-based program, which allows you to create 30 second videos for free.  To upgrade it costs about $5 a month.  Educators may apply online for a classroom code, which will allow students access to more features for free. There is a great tutorial on suggested uses and monitoring techniques for the classroom on the site Animoto.com.  Click on the link and it will redirect you to their site.