An Alternative to Powerpoint

In looking for new FREE apps to download into my iPad2 for use on my classroom, I stumbled upon Prezi.  I use custom made powerpoints or download pre made SMART board lessons from Promethean Planet or SMART to use for classroom instruction or as a SMART board station for students to work at independently as they finish classwork or to re-emphasize important concepts.  Today’s student needs more than just a talking head in front of them, they need engagement and inspiration.  How does a teacher compete with the “outside” world of advertising?  ANSWER: Go to the “outside” world and use what the advertisers are using. makes powerpoints a thing of the past.  This is an alternative to presenting information to a group of people, not just for classroom use, with a dynamic perspective.  With a choice of different templates and styles, presentations can take on a new meaning by focusing on what’s important by making use of it’s unique zoom in/zoom out feature.  In working with the program on my iPad I discovered that it is even easier to use on a computer. The features are beautiful, with an array of styles available and the ability to reuse templates from other users.  The site, , requires a signup and offers three levels of monthly pricing with the cheapest being FREE.

I encourage anyone that creates presentations to visit the site and explore the possibilities.  The WOW effect is pretty much a guarantee with this communication tool that can be shared and simultaneously be used from across the world.  Give it a try and look for the “Free Fall Template” found under “All Public Prezis”.


Male Role Models

In an effort to keep America educated, I dedicate my life to teaching middle school students Mathematics. This year I have the privilege to teach 7th grade, which are 13 year olds basically. I like to say that I am selling a product that few of my clients want to buy.
Today I was reminded of the lack of positive male role models that we have in America. When a child doesn’t have an adult male in his life to look up to or influence him in a positive way, then my job in the classroom becomes more difficult. Where have all the good men gone to? Why does this hold have no one he admires or aspires to be like? He feels he is the man of the house, yet he has not seen or experienced what the man of the house is or does. This is a sad state of affairs America.