An Invitation to LeBron James

Appreciation Invitation.

This video is in appreciation of the inspiration LeBron James has been to the students of Driftwood Middle school.  It is the proof that collaboration, determination, and dedication can bring out the best qualities of a community that is based on trust and love.  We at Driftwood Middle school love our students and we worked as a team of faculty, staff, parents, and students to create this vision to have LeBron James come out to our school.  The teachers have been assisting the students in becoming the best writers they can be and had them apply their talents and skills into writing  essays to describe what it would mean to them for the Heat to come visit them on campus.  The Language Arts teachers then compiled all of the essays and selected a few students to be interviewed.  All of the essays were placed in a binder to be sent to the Miami Heat basketball team this weekend.  The student’s were then video taped within 2 days and the video was completed within 3 days.

It just so happens that we have about 50 faculty, staff, and their families attending this Sunday’s game against Charlotte and we were inspired to honor and appreciate LeBron James for his positive influence in our communities.  We honor him as a leader, and for his charity work.  We dedicate this video to his “I Promise” program, where students promise to go to school and live safe and healthy lives by making good choices for themselves.

Our goal is for The Miami Heat Team to watch our video and be motivated to come see for themselves the waves they are creating in our local schools.  Specifically, we would like for LeBron James to come out and be our honorary guest.

Please help us with this goal and share this story and video.

Thank you, and may your kindness be rewarded.

Victoria Trujillo-Cortellese


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